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Property Dealers Greater Noida,Real Estate Consultants Noida,Property Agents noidaVenus Properties is a well known Real Estate Consultants / Agents in India and over the years we have carved out a niche in the market to provide professional and personalized service to its valuable clients. We have a network through out India but we specialize in Real Estate Consultancy in Delhi NCR region which includes Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Gaziabad etc. Whether you are looking for an Industrial, Residential or Commercial Properties, small or big, in Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon etc. we have the perfect solution for you.

Property valuation simon Exactly. It's the fear of the unknown. And I think Valuations SA that once people get educatedabout anything - once you get more educated about something, you feel more comfortabledoing it. And the advantages are, once you do get a tenant, that's higher yield and biggerreturns and, obviously, they're longer terms. So, once you do get a tenant, you don't haveto worry about that like in the residential lease where it's months. It's going tobe -plus with the right of renewal.Ryan And what happens - because I know I've broken a few residential leases myself andyou need to give notice and pay the rent until someone else moves in. What happens with acommercial lease if someone - let's say the business goes under or something like thatand they can't pay the lease anymore? What's the situation?Simon Well, it's very similar. I mean, you're bound to that particular lease contract, obviously,you're bound to either pay that out or find someone to take on that particular lease atthat rate for that term.

Venus Properties works in a group with dedicated & dynamic team of experienced professionals who are here to serve you, whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease. The core aim of the agency has always been to conduct real estate transactions in such a way as to develop long term relationships to the benefit of all concerned. We love what we do. And we love pushing ourselves every day to do it better.

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Valuation Asset selectionwrong because I've been doing this cost for house valuations for years so I don't actually see thesame level of risk as someone who's juststarting out because I've got anenormous confidence in Australia as amarketplace where a first world countrybut stable government yeah financiallystable lots of people want to get ourresources our food so I'm enormouslyconfident in the big picture ofAustralia but if I'm in the wrong cycleand I mean the wrong product in thewrong cycle that's just yeah that's justa nightmare totally so in a way it's abit outside of our control but as smartinvestors we should be able to takecontrol of that and rest lata crossingto our control by picking the right areaat the right time and not be one of thesheep in following the foam oh that cansometimes happen in particular marketsthinking you've got to get any of yourlast of the party it's a dead duck verygood man so we're general market andeconomic risks from the legislation andregulation risk with a property cyberrisk and we've got well basically we'vegot climate risk which is where the riskit's you know what's happening there andthis is a new one in a way but we areseeing more dramatic weather events youknow some people may disagree with ussome climate skeptics but i think theproofs in the pudding.

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